- Mohammad Khleif, RN, MPH: Chair

M Khleif

Mohamad was born in Bethlehem in 1978. In 2000, he was graduated with an honor degree from Bethlehem University holding a Bachelor degree in nursing. After that, he was enrolled in several jobs. He started his career as a staff nurse at Augusta Victoria general hospital for about a year and half. Meanwhile, he was involved in achieving a post-graduate diploma in specialist ophthalmic nursing from the school of nursing at St. John Eye Hospital of Jerusalem in accreditation of Thames Valley University of London. He was appointed then as theatre nurse at St. John Eye Hospital in 2001, and then promoted to be the deputy of the theatre coordinator in 2005. He succeeded to gain subspecialty in ophthalmology as an ophthalmic theatre nurse practitioner (NP) from the school of nursing at the same Hospital in 2006.

He joined Hebron University in 2008 as instructor for nursing students on part time bases. In 2010 he was selected by his manager at St. John Hospital to hold the position of the infection control coordinator in the hospital besides his duties in the operating theatre. At the same time, he commenced study for master program in Health Policy and Management at AL-Quds University; the Arab university in Jerusalem, which he graduated from by master degree in 2012.

He was involved in voluntary work over the years as a nurse and co-founder of a not-for-profit organization in Bethlehem under the name of AL-Sadeel Society for Palliative Care for Cancer and Chronic Diseases. The society was officially registered in Palestine in 2008 and he was elected as the chair of the board of the society in 2012.



- Miss. Fatema Abu-Abed, RN, ON, MSN: Vice-Chair

F Abed


- Mrs. Amani El-Ayasa, BA Information Technology: Secretary
- Mr. Mohammad Dweib, MA Clinical Pharmacy: Member

M Dweib


- Mrs. Samah Al-Wahsh, MA Law: Treasurer
- Mrs. Etaf Sayedahmad, RN, MSN: Member

E Sayed

Etaf Maqboul, lecturer at Bethlehem university faculty of nursing and health sciences, holds a master degree major in advance clinical nursing, minor nursing education from the University of South Carolina/USA 1992. I worked in Al-Makassed hospital for 8 years mainly in the coronary care unit and in the continuing education department for nurses. I teach in Bethlehem University since 1992, between 1998-2002 I was the dean of the faculty. I was/am involved in several research activities, my main research interests are clinical nursing & nursing education. I received the teaching award excellence from the PDFP /amideast in 2008. I mainly teach adult health nursing, critical care nursing, research and clinical preceptorship courses. I am a board member in the Diabetics Friends’ Society in Bethlehem, and a member in the Global Network of Researchers on HIV/AIDS in the Middle East and North  Africa (GNR-MENA).


- Mrs. Amal Fakhouri, RN, MSN: Member

A Fakh

A lecturer at Bethlehem University Faculty of Nursing & Health Sciences and the coordinator of High Diploma Neonatal Nursing Program with a Master degree in Maternal Child Health Nursing (MCH) and two diplomas from Maastricht School of Management (MsM)/Netherland, the first one is "Research Theories and Skills" and the other one is “Training of Trainers and Consultants, In addition to High Diploma in clinical supervision. I worked in Pediatric and Neonatal intensive care unit as Assistance Head Nurse for 6 years and have been teaching at Bethlehem University since 1992. Between 2006 and 2011 I was also the Dean of the faculty of nursing & health sciences. Coordinator, Teacher and clinical Instructor for Neonatal Nursing courses, Pediatrics Nursing Courses, First Aid, Growth & Development and research methodology courses. I am involved in research projects and my main research interests are teaching and learning in nursing clinical and education in addition to the child health. I has presented and participated in numerous academic conferences and workshops related to Teaching &Learning, Child’s Health, neonatal Health, Management and Leadership.


- Dr. Mousa Shawawrah, MD, Peadiatricain: Member

m shaw


- Dr. Yousef Jaradat, RN, PHD: Member

yousef pic


- Mrs. Salam Qurnah, BA Psycholgy: Member
- Ms. Abeer Jaber, BA, Health Worker: Member


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