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Al-Sadeel Society is a non-governmental organization, registered under law Number 1 of Charitable Societies and Non-governmental Associations, 2000, by the Ministry of Interior of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) under License Number ((BL-3262-M)). It was registered officially in May 2008 while currently its activities are based mainly in the Bethlehem area.

 Al-Sadeel Society is the first and only registered Palliative Care Society in the PNA. The society’s vision is that life is a gift from God, and therefore, it should be kept pain free as much as possible, using updated knowledge and skills. The Society’s activities are aimed to be free and affordable to patients who need them, and not only to those who are able to pay for them.


 The mission of Al-Sadeel Society is to alleviate the pain and suffering of terminally ill cancer patients by providing professional nursing and palliative care along with care to the families by means of medical, social, emotional and psychological approaches. In this way we wish to provide comfort till the very end as well as to preserve the dignity of the suffering patient.

 The strategic plan of Al-Sadeel Society is to create a home-based palliative care and Hospice center. Moreover, the Society plans to become the leading organization in the education and training of palliative and hospice care in the Bethlehem area and the PNA at large.

 The overall goal for Al-Sadeel Society is to maintain quality of life for the terminally ill cancer patient within the family. This can be achieved through:

  • Spreading awareness among the public regarding the importance of early detection to decrease the burden of the disease on the community.
  • Training of professionals and education of the caregivers and the public.
  • Home-based hospice and palliative care and supplies availability.
  • Psycho-social and emotional support for the patient and the family using support groups and survivor volunteers.
  • Collaboration with other organizations in the field of cancer care.
  • Developing projects related to palliative care services.

 Every start is difficult, yet we are looking forward to providing the kind of care that will improve people's lives at their most difficult time. Help and assistance to achieve these goals are highly appreciated.

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